Bujinkan Resources

Information About the Bujinkan

As this Site is intended to provide information specific to our dojo, we have included a few links to other resources that, we believe, provide accurate and meaningful information about the Bujinkan and our art as a whole.

Softhanbo.com Soft Hanbo Ltd. handcrafts safe and authentic training equipment to the martial artists, providing them the equivalent feeling of practicing with wooden or metal training equipment, turning training into a safe experience for you and your training partner.

Gaucho.ninja Soft Leather Tabi These leather tabi are made completely by hand using conventional Japanese methods. For an easier fastening they are made with Velcro, quicker than the traditional clasps.

Budoya This shop was created to provide better quality hard to get items that you may need for your Martial arts training. Our main speciality is shuriken and various Kakushi Buki (Hidden weapons).

Budovideos.com Since the fall of 2002, Budovideos.com has been the worlds online destination for martial arts video and media.

Quest Station Japan’s leading Martial Arts and Fighting Sports producer and distributor of DVD’s, Quest is opening its incredible library of films to the world. Aikido,Karate,Judo,Kendo,Iaido,Ninjutsu,Shorinji-Kempo,Kudo,Kobudo—all the Martial Arts by the greatest Japanese masters are on Quest film in teaching, demonstration and actual combat formats.
Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, MA, Shooto, Taekwondo, Sambo, Grappling, Pro-Wrestling are also available. Many of the greatest masters and fighters are featured and all films have been produced to Quest’s highest production qualities.

Bushinden Online Bushinden.com is an online web store hosted by Duncan Stewart where you can instantly download any of his videos released on DVD.

Koi Martial Art The Koi community is hosted by Arnaud Cousergue (Shiro Kuma) Bujinkan Kuma Dojo, it provides 150 GB of Bujinkan techniques videos covering every aspect of the Bujinkan martial art system: basics, schools, weapons, Juppō Sesshō!