Student Guidebook

The following are pages with basic Budo Taijutsu principles listed. These are taken out of the Tenchijin Tyaku No Maki (heaven, earth and man), a book written by Hatsumi Sensei on the fundamentals of Taijutsu. Names are listed with the intention for you to write notes about each. Taking notes in your own way will help you remember and give you a sense of the feeling for the actions. Ask your instructor for help if you need clarification.

Taihenjutsu Ukemi Gata – basic rolling, breakfalls and leaping

Zenpo Kaiten – forward rolling
Koho Kaiten – backwards rolling
Yoho Kaiten – sideways rolling
Zempo Ukemi – forward breakfalls
Nagare – flowing water (body drops)
Shiho Tenchi Tobi – 4 direction heaven and earth leaping

Haijutsu no Kamae – basic postures

Shizen no Kamae
natural receiving posture

Ichimonji no Kamae
straight defensive posture

Doko no kamae
angry tiger defensive posture

Jumonji no Kamae
cross defensive posture

Kosei no Kamae
offensive posture

Hicho no Kamae
crane (flying bird) single leg defensive posture

Hira no Kamae
receiving posture

Hoko no Kamae
encircling tiger receiving posture

Hiken Juroppo – striking techniques

Kikaku Ken or Zu Tsuki – head strike
Shuki Ken – elbow strike
Fudo Ken or Kongo Ken – clenched fist or hammer strike
Kiten Ken or Shuto Ken – sword hand
Shishin Ken – finger needle strike( little finger)
Shitan Ken – fingertips together
Shako Ken – claw strike
Boshi Ken or Shito Ken – thumb strike
Shikan Ken – extended knuckle strike
Tai Ken – body, body hurtling strikes
Koppo Ken – thumb knuckle strike
Happa Ken – open hand slap
Sokuyaku Ken – sole or heel kick
Sokki Ken – knee strike
Sokugyaku Ken – toe kick
Ki Ken – spirit fist, using power of mind or spirit
Sanshin no Kata – spirit of three hearts practice forms
Chi no Kata – earth influence
Sui no Kata – water influence
Ka no Kata – fire influence
Fu no Kata – wind influence
Ku no Kata – void influence
Kihon Happo Kata – eight fundamental forms
Koshi Kihon Sanpo – koshijutsu’s three fundamental ways
Ichimonji no Kamae
Hicho no Kamae
Jumonji no Kamae
Torite Kihon Kata Goho – five fundamental hand capture forms
Omote Gyaku Dori
Ura Gyaku Dori
Musha Dori
Oni Kudaki
Ganseki Nage